Queen Bee Birthing has got some awesome classes for you…

You and your Birth Partner are welcome to attend courses at any point during your pregnancy, but most couples tend to book when they’re between 25-35 wks.
Feel free to email me to discuss bespoke 1:1 courses, tailored to your specific pregnancy circumstances

Hypnobirthing Masterclass – run over 3 sessions (Max. 3 couples)

A full antenatal education, covering all the science and logic around optimising your body’s own natural production of hormones, as well as how to stay in control when navigating the UK Maternity system.  This course will leave you feeling prepared and excited about giving birth, and your partner will feel fully equipped to best support you along the way… I’ll be guiding you through the relaxation & breathing techniques, giving you the time required to change your mindset about labour…. it can be a complete game-changer for a first-time Mum, but also a revelation for anyone who’s first birth wasn’t a positive one. 

1-Day Hypnobirthing Workshop (10am – 4pm) – (Max. 3 Couples)

Just as you might have guessed, this course is faster-paced and impactful, but definitely requires you to take all the info on-board and practice at home. It’s ideal for couples who already have a positive mind-set around birth, but want to develop their knowledge and techniques.

2-Hour Toolkit; Birth-Prep Course – Group Course delivered via Zoom

The short course I offer is a one-off 2 Hour-Toolkit session of birth-prep. So, not Hypnobirthing, but a fast-paced class, written specifically to bridge that gap between doing zero birth-prep and immersing yourself in the full course.  Teaching you how to stay in control and plan for a positive birth.  Whether this is your 1st, 2nd or 7th baby, you’re bound to learn something new, that just might make ALL the difference…

So think about it… How do you best learn? … and what do you hope to get out of it in the end? Knowing this will help you decide which investment is best for you...

Clanfield Queen Bee Birthing Studio

Clanfield Studio

All courses are designed for both you and your birth-partner to attend, run from the home-from-home comfort of our Studio in Clanfield, or remotely via Zoom/Skype…. as getting in a positive frame of mind for birth is absolutely a joint effort and it’s essential that you’re on the same page.

If you fancy dropping me an email, I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have, or talk through the courses in more detail to help you make a decision.

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