Claire Stanojevic

Meet The Teacher

A bit about me… I’m Claire, and I run Queen Bee Birthing classes from my Studio in Clanfield, near Petersfield in Hampshire. My fascination with birth and how to influence a positive outcome has grown with every baby I’ve had… I have 3 young children, and was also a Surrogate for our friends in 2018 – it was such a privilege to give birth to their daughter, and now to see her grow into an adorable little person. All of my birth’s have been different, but one common factor is that the more knowledge I gained through preparation, the more in control I felt – birth really can be a great day to remember for the rest of your life… So that’s when I felt compelled to share my knowledge with others, and Queen Bee Birthing was born!

I set up my business after realising that more and more families really needed to hear this stuff, and learn these new skills… and there just weren’t enough fun, engaging, modern Hypnobirthing classes around.

Things you should know about me…

I love dancing with my husband at weddings, I can say the alphabet backwards, and I’m incapable of taking a Selfie …also… I’m qualified with a Diploma in KG Hypnobirthing; a widely respected body in the field.  I’m also the writer of the 2-Hour Toolkit, and currently teach my classes from my Studio in Clanfield, aswell as remotely via Zoom/Skype.

Claire Stanojevic

Adventures in Surrogacy…

Queen Bee Stamp rotated

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always tried to be a fixer.  If someone I love has a problem, I’m instinctively on the look-out for a practical solution.  My best friend and I were simultaneously trying to conceive our first babies in 2011 – exciting times ahead, we thought, imagining our maternity leave together, enjoying the mid-week play-dates… but it wasn’t to be…

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