A Positive, Practical & Logical approach to childbirth

Ok… so First thing’s first…

why doesn’t everyone know this stuff??

I know, right? Hypnobirthing is nothing new, it’s not re-inventing the wheel… but the tools you need to set you up for a positive birth are often just not available in a busy NHS system, where our amazing midwives simply don’t have enough time to spend with you changing your mindset about birth, addressing any fears or worries you might have. These things take time to unpick, and learn new skills, which will be incredibly useful to you in labour – and for life in general.

Positive Birth

Queen Bee Birthing classes are designed for both you and your Birth Partner – as it’s so important that you’re both on the same page when it comes to planning for a Positive Birth… Not only will I teach you what’s going on inside your body during late pregnancy & birth, and why the environment you chose to birth in makes a huge difference, but you’ll also learn how to relax your body and most effectively deal with labour sensations whilst navigating the UK Maternity system to get the birth you want. What a great way to start life as a new family, having just Bossed Your Birth, feeling so unbelievably proud of yourselves, and what you achieved together…



So … what on Earth is Hypnobirthing? Well, despite the dodgy-sounding name, Hypnobirthing is actually all the tools, science and logic that you need to optimise your body’s production of labour hormones – giving you the best possible shot at having a Positive Birth. It’s NOT just for people hoping to have a drug-free Homebirth… Hypnobirthing skills can be applied to every type of birth, in fact, the skills you’ll learn in class can really come into their own when the unexpected happens, and you really need to think on your feet.

Our courses cover all types of birth-places and choices… because what really matters is how you FEEL about the experience… a positive birth can help shape those early days of parenthood into more confident ones

Hypnobirthing opens your mind to the idea that birth can be amazing, positive, enjoyable even!